How to pick up stitches for the gusset

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When I first started knitting socks one of the biggest challenges was picking up stitches for the gusset. No matter how careful I was, I always ended up with at least one hole in my sock. Since then I have tried a few different techniques  to pick up stitches and there are some that I want to share with you today.

The first thing that you can do to avoid holes is changing the way you knit your heel flap.

Instead of purling across the back rows of your flap, knit the first two and the last two stitches of the row instead of purling them. That will create little knots along the sides of the flap, which will help you pick up the stitches evenly.

This is what the side of the flap looks like. You can then either pick up the stitch between two knots or pick it up through a knot.

If you want to pick the stitch up through a knot, you just have to insert the needle into the knot…

and pull the yarn through. I feel like with this method the chances of getting a hole is even smaller since the knots don’t stretch out at all.

Picking up stitches between knots is easier. Make sure that you insert the needle under two strands of yarn to keep the yarn from stretching.

The space between the heel needle and the needle for the top of the foot is where most people struggle with gaps or holes.

1. Method

The first method of picking this stitch up is by simply inserting the needle somewhere into the corner and pulling the yarn through.

Again make sure that you insert the needle under at least two strands.

For me this is a pretty unreliable method because sometimes it looks good but other times it leaves a hole.

2. Method

Another thing that you can do is insert the left needle from the front to the back…

and then knit the stitch through the back loop.

The result is really good!

3. Method

You can also insert the needle from the back to the front…

and knit the stitch twisted.

As you can see there is no hole but the stitch is twisted, so the stitch won’t blend in 100 % with the rest of the stitches. I rather have a twisted stitch than a hole so for me that’s fine.

4. Method

This is my favorite technique. Insert the needle into the left leg of the right stitch under the running thread.

The insert it into the right leg of the left stitch underneath the running thread.

Slip both of the legs onto the left needle.

And then knit both legs together.

I prefer to use this method whenever it fits into the design of my sock. It never leaves a hole and it also looks good!

This is what the side of the flap looks like after I have picked up all of the stitches.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you use another method that I should really try, share it with me on Instagram or message me so that I can include it in future posts.

See you soon ♥